Getting around. Just greener.

A couple walking, a person with a dog and a cyclist against a green backdrop including trees and flowers and a blue sky with a sun and clouds

Walk this way (yes, cycling is fine too).

Walking and cycling keep you healthy and your emissions low. What’s not to love?

A person walking while carrying a reusable bag containing vegetables and bread

Walk this way (to the shops)

Saves 27 kilograms of carbon and £21 a year if you walk rather than drive to a shop one mile away once a week.

Most of us live within 15 minutes’ walk of a food shop. While it’s tempting to drive sometimes, walking is greener and burns around 90 calories each way.

A person cycling on an electric bike

On your bike (an electric one ideally)

Including emissions from manufacture, using an electric bike saves around 380 grams of carbon per mile compared to a petrol or diesel car.

Electric bikes result in fewer emissions than regular ones, even when you include the emissions from making it in the first place.

Generating the electricity for an electric bike emits less than the food the average person eats to give them the energy they use to cycle on a regular bike.

Swift and sustainable.

For longer journeys (or the ones you need to make more quickly), public transport and electric cars are a great way of getting around.

A road with a hill behind it. There is an electric car driving on the road and a cyclist riding along the hilltop

Three people together in a car

Here’s my number, so carpool maybe?

If you drive a mid-size petrol car, carsharing once a week for a 10-mile round trip could save over 1,300 kilograms of carbon and around £100 in fuel a year.

The drive to work doesn’t have to be dull and costly. You can meet someone new to chat to and cut your emissions and fuel bills with LiftShare.

An electric car plugged into an electric vehicle charging point

Choose the plug life

Per year, driving an electric car 7,400 miles saves around 810 kilograms of carbon (including the carbon used to make it) and £740 in fuel vs driving a mid-size petrol car the same distance.

Electric cars’ emissions are around 70% less, plus they cost less to service and run than petrol and diesel cars – even with today’s energy costs.

Two people sat one behind the other on a train. One person is typing on a smartphone and the other is reading a book.

Travel together

A journey by bus emits less than half the carbon than going by petrol or diesel car. And the train is even better, saving 75% compared to using a fossil fuel car.

Traffic is stressful. We don’t know about you, but we’d rather let someone else take us to where we need to go and relax with a podcast or book instead.

A road with a grassy verge. There is a bus on the road and a patch of flowers with butterflies on the verge.

A red cross going through a plane

Flying too often is plane silly

By going by train from Edinburgh to London, your carbon footprint will be less than a fifth of what it would be if you took a plane instead.

Flying is one of the most damaging ways to travel. Unless it’s necessary, maybe take a coach or the train. You’ll avoid the boring wait in the airport lounge…

Are we missing anything?